A Scaffold
1 reading tool for the whole school, customized by level and subject.
  • College Readiness
  • Self-directed Research
  • Content-Area Literacy
  • Social Studies, ELA, Foreign Language: Spanish, French, Gaelic, Arabic...
  • Teacher Prof. Development
Higher Ed
Apply classroom learning to the real world.
  • Build case studies together.
  • Prep for class discussion.
  • Share research for group projects.

  • A controlled study at SF State showed Ponder engaged students at a rate 12x the control discussion forum.
Flip your class with 1 tool for both video and text.
  • While great for reading, you can also Ponder any video you browse to on YouTube, Vimeo or Dropbox!
Language Challenges
Engage in sophisticated dialogue without the bottleneck of writing.
  • Tom Rochowicz
    WHEELS Public School
  • Cason Given
    Independent School
  • Anthony Valentin
    Stuyvesant H.S.
  • Emma Tsui
    Lehman College-CUNY
  • SFSU & USD
    Business Schools
  • "...a digital native technology that works in harmony with the internet."
  • "...provides teachers and students with constant and concise...reports."
  • "...encourage class discussions and identify struggling students."
    Featured in Launchpad 2014.
  • "...encouraging students to build more sophisticated and engaged news reading habits."
  • Robin Hood College Success Prize Semi-finalist
  • "...able to quickly assess students’ engagement with the texts they have chosen..."